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RocketBaby (RB): When did you first become interested to music?
Nobuo Uematsu (NU): During elementary school. I don't remember the name of the song, but I began writing lyrics and composing toward end of my elementary school years. My early influences were the Vienna Boys Choir.

RB: When and why did you start working for Squaresoft?
NU: Probably around 1985; Composition jobs were available only in game industry. Cruise Chaser Blassty (1986) for NEC PC-88 series [OFF TOPIC: This was also designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi...] was my first game.

RB: Who is your most admired Squaresoft colleague?
NU: President Arai. He comes to work earlier than anyone and works later than anyone. Kudos to him!

RB: How has working on Final Fantasy changed your life?
NU: My name is now widely known.

RB: Besides time what was the most difficult aspect creating the music for FFX?
NU: At the time my physical strength was on decline.

RB: What is your favorite FF X music not written by you and why?
NU: I have too many and cannot narrow it down to one.

RB: What process did you use to create your music for FFX?
NU: Through reading scenario and looking at character designs I expanded my image for the compositions; There are some pieces that ended up not being used in the game.

RB: How did the FFX composers interact with each other.
NU: We did not hold meetings going over fine details; I divided and assigned the responsibility for the pieces, and asked each to work individually.

RB: Why were Mr. Hamauzu and Mr. Nakano chosen to compose for FFX? Were you relived or worried about having their help on FFX?
NU: Because they can create the type of music that I cannot compose; Each makes very interesting and original works. I did feel worry but in many aspects I also really appreciated the help.

RB: What element of Final Fantasy X are you most proud of?
NU: Good reviews from users.

RB: What has been your greatest accomplishment working on the Final Fantasy series?
NU: I feel that the fact that I have continued the work on the series up to now is my greatest accomplishment; I try to pay extra attention to checking where the biggest climax of the story comes.

RB: How has your music changed over the years?
NU: I don't think it has undergone much changes. Maybe the ornamentation for the music has become a bit better?

RB: Would you share some of your experience working on then Ah My Goddess movie, and could you give us a little hint about FFXI's music?
NU: The theme song for "Ah My Goddess" is one of my personal favorite. I was happy that the song was sung by very lovely singer; I would like to continue pursuing projects like these if there is a request. We just finished the recording of opening theme for FF XI with full chorus.

RB: Were you disappointed not scoring Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within? What did you think about the music?
NU: I was disappointed. Maybe I should have composed at least its main theme. I think that the overall movie's music was good.

RB: What advice would you give those who want to create music?
NU: Avoid comparing your talent with others, and enjoy the work at your own pace.